ScaleTracks - a game-changing app that turns scales and arpeggios into music.

ScaleTracks - a revolutionary new app for Scales and Arpeggios.  Set your practice on fire with exciting backing tracks that follow each note of scales and arpeggios.  Turn dry, dull exercises into an exciting musical experience.

Key Features of ScaleTracks

  • From the piano to the ocarina, it is now possible to play scales and arpeggios with a full symphony orchestra comprised of the world’s leading musicians. 
  • ScaleTracks can improve aural skills and harmonic awareness.
  • Each backing track is sympathetically composed around particular scales and arpeggios.
  • Choose from backing tracks for one to four octaves in ANY key.
  • Change the tempo of the backing tracks on-the-fly.
  • Backing tracks cover a huge number of genres including Dubstep, Baroque, Folk, Retro 8-bit and Classical and more.
  • ScaleTracks is a FREE download on the app store with a very reasonably priced in-app purchase to unlock every track in any key.
  • Currently available for both iPad and iPhone.




ScaleTracks has been endorsed by top Hollywood film composer, Harry Gregson-Williams. Harry, who composed the film score for Shrek, Chronicles of Narnia, The Martian and many other blockbuster films, had this to say about ScaleTracks:

"At last, practising scales and arpeggios can be experienced within a whole new musical context. With this innovative new app, Ben Andrew has created a range of flexible and exhilarating compositions that are specifically designed to accompany students as they run through their (often dreaded!) technical exercises.  ScaleTracks is a wonderful idea that embraces today’s technology and a desire to make this often neglected part of music practice fun and exciting." - Harry Gregson-Williams


“This is a great idea and will make scale practice really fun...” - Leading music educator Paul Harris


“Ben Andrew is a fabulously talented pianist but even he knows the importance of scales and arpeggios. His new app, ScaleTracks, provides beautifully conceived accompaniments in a fantastic variety of styles - check it out on the App Store!” - Leading educator Christopher Norton


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The Story...

Ben, who is Head of Keyboard at the prestigious Stowe School in Buckingham, created his app with his brother-in-law David Denning - Regional Head of IT Infrastructure for Allianz Risk Transfer.  Despite coming from very different backgrounds, Ben and David have pooled their collective skill sets to create ScaleTracks, a revolutionary new app for scales and arpeggios.

“We wanted to create something truly unique and beautiful;  something that would revolutionise scales & arpeggios for all ages and ability levels”.  ScaleTracks represents a new frontier in music education; a wonderful synergy of technology and music.  ScaleTracks is remarkably easy to use, displaying a scrolling score of any given scale or arpeggio whilst playing.

Ben says his interest in scales & arpeggios started when he was at school and he joined an Irish country band, not the sort of thing you would associate with someone who has performed towering works in the piano repertoire such as Rachmaninov’s 3rd piano concerto or Chopin's Etudes.  “I used to think that scales and arpeggios were so dull and boring when I was young – all I wanted to do was play pieces and nobody ever explained why I should practice them, just that I had to do them if I wanted to get a good mark in exams.”  Things changed when Ben joined a band in his childhood.

“It was clear that I needed to familiarise myself with scales if I wanted to be able to improvise around chords; this made scales an exciting and musical experience because I could draw upon them instantly, to create solos and support my band mates.”

Playing alongside others is so helpful in the development of any aspiring musician, but it is not always possible.  This is where ScaleTracks come in – gone are the days of endless hours slaving away in a practice room playing dry, dull exercises without musicality.  Now you can play along with this revolutionary new app.