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The new gold standard in jam tracks. Suitable for beginner to veteran jamming musicians, ScaleTracks JAM is the perfect companion for any musician.  Whether you are a rock guitarist or an oboe player, ScaleTracks JAM makes the joy of improvisation available to everyone for the first time, with a huge variety of jam tracks available in every single key.  


Why should guitarists alone have all the fun?!


  • Until now, jam tracks have almost exclusively been created for, and used by guitarists alone.  ScaleTracks JAM features comprehensive guitar tab in every key, but what also makes it so unique is that it also features comprehensive notation as well as a huge variety of epic backing tracks, so whatever instrument you play, you can now jam along to your heart’s content!


  • With ScaleTracks JAM, you are in control of the music, with professionally produced, epic and inspiring accompaniments designed to complement your improvisations.  Jam along using your own instrument or within the app itself using the built-in SUPERSOUND DELUXE keyboard.
  • ScaleTracks JAM features jam tracks like you have never heard before.  Improvise along to a real full symphony orchestra, blues band, pop band and many more ensembles with exciting jam tracks that can help increase your aural awareness, interval recognition skills and most importantly, sense of fun!
  • Challenge yourself by changing key in real-time with meticulously arranged backing tracks in every single key.


Perfect for teacher and student alike


  • ScaleTracks and ScaleTracks JAM are both great for injecting energy and excitement into lessons and practice, transforming dull, dry exercises into music making.  ScaleTracks features true harmonisations of scales and arpeggios whilst ScaleTracks JAM can help unlock your creative side, providing you with epic jam tracks to improvise over.


Play, create and enjoy


Get to know your scales whilst being creative and having FUN! 

ScaleTracks JAM is an easy-to-use app designed by musicians for musicians which incorporates the latest technology to provide you with an unparalleled musical experience.